April, 5, 2019
Moscow Python Conf ++
Conference for professional Python developers
Moscow Python Conf++ conference is dedicated to the Python programming language and ecosystem: language itself and it's evolution, package and dependency management, backend network services, modern web applications, AI/ML, DevOps, automated testing, hardware and IoT, information security, cross-platform app development and database usage.
30+ talks
1 English + 3 Russian tracks
300+ developes
Year 2018
Why Moscow Python Conf++?
Each talk is crafted with a help of a program committee member. We also have one of the best IT speech coach in Russia
Top Russian IT companies that uses Python for development and want to extend their professional reach
Meet hundreds of professional developers, listen to horror stories and victories behind the curtain of enterprise development
Ready to answer a call for papers?
Our audience is made up primarily of software engineers, web developers, DevOps and automated QA engeneers, technical managers and CTOs.

At Moscow Python Conf++ 2019 we expect 400 attendees, 10 Russian IT companies and from 24 to 32 speakers, everything packed up into one day of parallel tracks and activities!

We do not accept sales pitch style presentations. We are looking for people passionate about performance who are able to speak effectively and from experience, and who understand our audience of developers.

The program is designed by the developer community, representatives of large companies from all over the world, and by tech developers and community activists. The selection of talks is multi-layered and complex — the Program Committee selects the best talks from the received applications unanimously according to several criteria.
Talk about anything that Python developers do!
Presentation concept: 35 minutes talk with additional 15 minutes for Q&A. Slides should include our template. Demos are allowed, if informed in advance. You may submit multiple proposals.

Possible topics
At the conference we cover all present-day valued topics for seasoned Python developers and people who want to tap into the immerse power of this language and it's ecosystem:

• Language itself, it's evolution and usage;
• Dependency management, infrastructure and runtime internals;
• Network services, backend and web application development;
• AI/ML and data visualization;
• DevOps, containers and deployment;
• Testing and automation;
• Hardware, IoT;
• Information security;
• Cross-platform, desktop and mobile development;
• Database and ORM;

If your talk is selected, you'll receive:

• An all-around access to the conference;
• Accommodation during the conference at the venue hotel;
• Economy travel expenses;
• Full visa support;
• Speaker dinner;
• Transfer from the airport and back;
• Support from our team at all stages of your participation – from talk acceptance until you get home after the event.
Dates of interest
February 4th, 2019: Call-for-papers submit deadline
February 18th, 2019: Conference schedule finalization
April, 4th: Speaker dinner
April, 5th: Conference!
Conference team
Python developers who are also conference speakers and seasoned conference organizers
Grigory Petrov
Software developer
Alex Khaerov
Dev Lead at Chainstack
Vladimir Filonov
CTO at itcanfly
Zlata Obuhovskaya
Team lead at Nvidia
Ivan Tsiganov
Software developer at Positive Technologies
Leonid Kalneus
DevRel at DataArt
Nikita Sobolev
CTO at wemake.services
Dmitry Nazarov
Python TeamLead at DataArt
Andrey Vlasovskikh
PyCharm Techincal Lead at JetBrains
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