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If you do not switch to Python from another programming language, but start from scratch, first understand the basic concepts of development. To read technical literature in English, pull up the language level. Books will help with this:
How do we learn the language?
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Learning all the features of Python is a difficult task, and with this book you can focus on practical skills that are really important. Dig out hidden gold in the Python standard library and start writing clean code today.

If you have experience working with older versions of Python, you can speed up work with modern templates and functions introduced in Python 3.

If you have worked with other programming languages and want to switch to Python, then you will find practical tips needed to become an effective pythonist.

If you want to learn how to write clean code, you will find here the most interesting examples and little-known tricks.

Pure Python.
Subtleties of programming for pros
This book will teach you how to program in Python. Following the step-by-step instructions, you will get acquainted with the basic principles of programming and create programs that will work real wonders in the Minecraft world: erect buildings, teleport a player, create colored walls, working showers, secret passages and much more in no time.
For children from 10 years old and adults who want to learn Python in a boring way.

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We program with Minecraft.
Create your world with Python (2017)
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